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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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ago.kathy hess is pleading guilty to neglecting a december of 20-13. hess accidentally fractured dione scalf's vertebra while working at woodland hills care center. minutes later - she was dead. dearborn county prosecutor aaron negangard says that hess won't spend any more time in jail. 2:27 it didn't seem there was any advantage to sending her to prison at this point based on the fact that she was willing to admit to what she had done and basically asked for mercy. 40 40the prosecutor says dione scalf's family is happy with the plea deal.coming up all new at 7 - how this scalf's death was almost ruled an accident. a teenager is hit by a car on his way to school...and tonight - parents are speaking out about this dangerous intersection. 9 on your side anchor julie dolan is live in the newsroom with the story.julie? craig - this morning police say the teenager was crossing hamilton avenue near adams street when he was hit by a car.
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intersection. today... marks the third time in just the last week that someone has been hit by a car in that stretch of hamilton avenue. this is video of police investigating after the 16- year-old was hit this morning. police say the driver of the car didn't yield while turning right on happened around 6-50 this morning as the teen was heading towards the mount healthy junior and senior high school.adams street is just a couple building. and that's causing school leaders to take much so that they are thinking about adding a crossing guard at that's just one of about a half dozen accidents in that spothat's causing parents to not let their kids walk to school anymore... 17.45.06-11 in this case, the driver of the car was cited by police. knees from falling... but we're told he is going to be just fine.we'll keep you updated on what the school
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the third streetcar is in the queen city made its way through the streets of over the rhine earlier this afternoon.the streetcars were produced in new york... and this streetcar is special because it has the word "cincinnati" across the middle car.two more cars will arrive over the next couple of months. the streetcar will open in the fall. in northern kentucky news tonight.a covington police officer is resigning after an alleged bar fight. fight.jesse wenning was arrested back in november. newport police say a couple of campbell county deputy jailers were there - off the clock - and saw him getting into a fight with a woman.they identified themselves - and that's when wenning began attacking them.he's expected to go in trial next month. tonight - hamilton county leaders are gearing up for a busy 20-16., hamilton county commission president chris monzel delivered his state of the county address.he highlighted the possibility of a new crime lab for the coroner.and a new music pavilion and hotel at the banks.but the biggest issue
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the sewers. commissioner monzel wants the rising sewer rates to come down.he is also excited about the amount of new jobs in the county. 9 on your side's dan carroll is live in chopper 9 - the only local helicopter getting
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barry manilow is canceling his performance in the tri-state tonight. tonight.the singer was scheduled to perform at the b-b and t arena at northern kentucky university tonight. but instead, is being flown back to los angeles after experiencing complications from emergency oral surgery.he does hope to re-schedule... but a new date has not been's unclear if he will be well enough to make it to monday's grammy awards! a couple of new additions are coming to the - developers announced that "burger-fi" is firing up the will open in the space once occupied by wine guy's next door neighbor will be "tervis" - an insulated drinkware manufacturer.both will open in the coming months.
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valentine's day weekend a story of romance. romance.the seeds planted in second grade... but it would take a tragic accident... and even paralysis... for this romance to blossom. blossom.9 on your side's julie o'neill has this tri-state couple's amazing'll see it only on 9 on your side. i enlisted a group of my high school guys and they helped me pull of a scavenger hunt12:31 there was a trail of rose pedals that led me down to the basement and ryan was waiting there and then he had me take the pillow case of his feet and the ring was there and it just felt kind of surrealyou have to know the trail that led here to really appreciate the proposal second grade at chca stephanie perry wrote she learned that god did many miracles of the paralyzed man the most. little did she know her classmate, ryan atkins, would become one in 2009 horrific car crashshe heard about on facebook while studying massage therapy.and i needed some extra practice and
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use a massage or two after 4 months in the hospital so a friendship developedev entually leading the two to start ryan's blog, flatonmyback.comit really gave us the opportunity to connect with others who were dealing with similar trials and it really gave us a chance to really have fun working on blogging together and youtube channelthe two sharing the movement doctors never thought ryan would make, at one point even squeezing her hand.i felt him squeezing it and i said ryan are you doing that? and he was like yea of course like it was no big thing and uh so then i made him do it about a hundred timesryan fell in love with stephanie's selflessness and joy in serving. ***he does that for me every day as well whether it's just being available to listen or check in or pray with me or just be amazing. (laugh) a young couple all these years laterfocused on miracles. i'd love to be dancing with her at our wedding.i am planning on it.i am just excited to see how god is going to continue to surprise us
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ryan and stephanie's love story is on the homepage of wcpo dot com... if you would like to read more...or find the link to visit his blog.
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the dramatic new details just coming in tonight about the reason a plane was forced to make an emergency landing. plus - under fire.the bombshells surfacing against the university of tennessee... the lenghts the school is accused of going to in order to protect its student athletes. i'm john matarese: thousands of people are getting a strange phone call from a cincinnati bank.i'm on your side with what you need to do if you get the call....just ahead. you're watching 9 on your side
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a phoenix bound flight makes an emergency landing in los angeles after the cockpit fills up with smoke. smoke.the plane took off with one hundred and 30 people people from san safely landed about an hour into the flight.everyone on board was checked out... and put on another flight. tonight six women are accusing the university of tennessee of allowing for a culture that enables sexual assaults. the bombshell federal lawsuit - just filed - the woman say the school protects student athletes and is biased against victims who step forward. five current and former athletes are named in the suit.the school is not commenting. your nine first warning forecast is coming up.
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calls... (sot) "it's frightening, to understand, and know what potentially could be going on." john matarese is on your side to help you separate the real alerts... from the false alarms... so you don't waste your money.and a dog left for dead... (sot) "they starved the dog and then just tossed it in the dumpster like a piece of trash."... two local residents now faces animal cruelty charges. (sot) "i was just throwing my trash out and i knocked the sheet over and it was just laying... like there was a dog just laying in there."you're watching 9 on
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9 on your side consumer reporter john matarese has been flooded with calls and emails about a strange phone call many tri staters are receiving. receiving.john gets to the bottom of it in a moment....but first, a new round of suspicious letters in the mail. john? tri staters this week are once again starting to receive a strange letter from the ohio department of taxation. demands that you take a test if you want your tax refund.for the second year in a row, ohio is doing this to help prevent's not a scam: the online tests are designed to confirm your identity, and block scammers from stealing your tax refund. hundreds if not thousands of tri staters have been receiving strange calls this week about their debit card. tonight 9 is on your side with what the call is all about, and what to do if you get it! jim and nancy downing have
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their time. time."this weekend we are out....and next weekend we are out..."but they were really rattled this week by an unexpected robocall....that bank. voice, and basically said my debit card wasn't activated, and i needed to activate my debit card, push this number, and something was going to happen."the recorded voice said if the downings did not enter their debit card number and pin, it would no longer work.jim hung up, and his branch. branch."everything was fine with the account, no big deal, no problems."it was a phishing scam.had he given his debit number and pin.... pin...."it's frightening, to understand, and know what potentially could be going on." on.""in the past, you could block unwanted calls with the do not call list.but scammers don't pay attention to cant even block the number, because they dont use their real number.--------------- fifth third tells 9 on your side that bank branches are receiving many complaints about these says they are all fraudulent and are "spoofing" or copying local phone numbers to make the call
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id."so they're calling i think anyone with the 513 area code, and taking the chance they are with fifth third."fifth third tells us "it will never initiate a phone call asking for personal customer information."nancy says the scams are getting out of control. control."i believe nobody that calls anymore. i check it out personally." we have reports of similar calls using the name of other banks.remember: your bank will never call or email you asking you to re-enter your acccount or debit card number.for daily consumer alerts follow me on twitter or like my john matarese facebook page, so you
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it's thursday... which means t- g-i-t is back! back!grey's anatomy, scandal, and how to get away with murder all premiere with new episodes tonight on 9 on your's a sneak peak of scandal! scandal!:28-:47
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and we put together this great meme for you to share tonight... as you watch t-g-'s of olivia pope... and it says you won't see this pope on sunday! t-g-i-t starts at 8 with grey's anatomy.and at 9... scandal.followed by how to get away with murder at 10.then join us for 11 minutes of non stop news at 11... right here on 9 on your side! coming up next at 5-30.pit bull attack. attack.what a mom was doing when her brand new dog opened
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a pit bull is being blamed tonight for killing a north carolina mother of two...the dog mauled the woman inside her own home. family members say she was cleaning the dog's crate when it attacked.she only got the dog last week... after seeing an ad for it in a members want the people who gave her the dog to be held responsible.
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the dog into custody... and plan on putting it down tonight. she took out her trash -- to find a dead dog just tossed into a dumpster! dumpster!carol williams has her account -- all new at six. just a horrific image... a starved -- neglected dog thrown out like trash! trash!it's that hamilton woman's discovery that led to the investigation.see the key piece of evidence that helped detectives find who's responsible. fighting for a child...the man who says he's the father of rebekah's kinner's newborn -- is speaking only to nine on your side.the next steps -- to bring that baby home from
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the $4 menu. where all meals are under $4. at steak 'n shake. a dog starved to death... death..."" a woman finds a dead pet -- thrown out with the trash!the animal cruelty a sheriff says is the "worst" he's seen in years. fighting for the baby...only on nine on your side.. the man believed to be the father of rebekah's kinner's newborn... as she's charged in the death of her toddler. self-protection... more and more cincinnatians are arming themselves. themselves."all the violence // is putting more of a demand on these classes" classes"but are they ready to
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public?nine on your side digs into your safety on tri-state streets. a woman taking out her trash... finds a *dead dog* staring at her in the dumpster! dumpster!now.. the woman who found it is talking to nine on your side. two people are charged.nine on your side has been digging into this cruel act.tom mckee joins us live... live...with how all of this happened! the dog was a one-year old miniature pinzer/retriever mix. it apparently stopped eating three weeks ago, but wasn't taken to a vet.then, the owner left it in the care of a friend while she went away to visit family for a week and the dog didn't survive. hali kern was stunned friday over what she found when she went to this dumpster at her hamilton apartment complex. complex. "there was kind of a dog crate with a sheet thrown over it. i was just throwing my trash out and i knocked the sheet over and it was just laying -- like there was a dog just laying in


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